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Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Improving the lives of youth and families through systems change, a toolkit for federal managers
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Develop a solicitation
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How to develop a solicitation: A Checklist

These are the major tasks in developing a solicitation. They're arranged in rough chronological order, but the order may vary depending on your project.

  • Determine legislative requirements
  • Clarify intended purpose of federal monies
  • Articulate purpose and structure of CCI Project
    • Broadly determine the need, type, and scope of the problem
    • Draft preliminary goals
  • Solicit and recruit federal partners Learn More
  • Assess problem area and past efforts to address it
  • Conduct listening sessions with the field (if feasible)
  • Discuss the respective roles/responsibilities of federal partners
  • Contract with a facilitator to guide planning
  • Create a federal-partner planning team
  • Create a logic model for the CCI Project
  • Refine long-term goals
  • Determine the funding vehicle (grant? cooperative agreement? contract?)
  • Determine funding levels based on intended federal role, (Will you fund just the start-up of collaboration, or all the way through the implementation of systems change? Time and investment will differ considerably.)
  • Structure a draft budget for the CCI Project, (including TTA and evaluation) Learn More: Funding Guideline #1, Funding Guideline #2, Budget Checklist
    • # of grantees
    • amount per grantee
    • duration of funding
  • Decide how federal partners will manage and fund the project, Learn More: Funding Guideline #1, Chart of Funding Options.
  • Develop MOUs / IAAs for the partnership
  • Determine criteria for who can apply. (Consider whether you want to require a minimum level of readiness for collaboration) Learn more
  • Determine the grantee selection process
  • Draft the solicitation for the CCI Project (Be sure to follow any requirements set by the agency that will administer the funds. State clearly the characteristics and capabilities you're looking for in applicants.) See example 1 and 2
  • Draft a solicitation for TA
  • Draft a solicitation for Evaluation
  • Customize the process for application-review and selection
  • Draft reviewer rating forms See example
  • Review the draft solicitation with all federal partners
  • Test the understandability of the draft solicitation with a group of possible (but not eligible) applicants
  • Obtain final approval from agency leadership