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Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Improving the lives of youth and families through systems change, a toolkit for federal managers
How the toolkit was created What is a CCI? CCI Tools for Federal Staff

Federal Partnerships

  1. What can I do to build a common understanding among the partners?
  2. How do I determine each partner's contributions to the CCI?
  3. How can we sustain the partnership despite turnover in leadership and staffing at partner agencies?
  4. What strategies have Federal partners found effective to overcome incompatible policies and practices across agencies?


  1. How can I ensure that sites devote adequate resources to systems change?
  2. How can I determine the optimal level of funding for evaluation?
  3. What activities should I fund in order to support sustainability?
  4. What groundwork will help prevent confusion about the use of funds?
  5. How should I communicate my expectations to sites?

Technical Assistance

  1. When should I provide TA?
  2. What is a comprehensive assessment for TA?
  3. How can I ensure that TA providers develop strong relationships with communities?
  4. What is a learning plan?
  5. How is a learning plan developed?
  6. What types of TA have sites found useful?
  7. How can TA be a catalyst for systems change?
  8. How do TA providers help communities form meaningful partnerships?
  9. How can I set realistic expectations for promoting collaboration through TA?
  10. How do I coordinate the work of multiple providers?
  11. How do I ensure accountability when I use multiple providers?
  12. What methods of delivering TA work best for CCIs?
  13. How can we make Web-based resources useful to sites?
  14. What funding models should I consider for TA?
  15. How can I be proactive with TA and still encourage sites to become self-directed?


  1. How can I design the evaluation to serve as a tool I can use during implementation?
  2. How can I measure outcomes for a CCI, given that it takes more than a decade to see changes in a community?
  3. What decisions will I need to make as I work with evaluators to design a multisite evaluation?
  4. What is the relationship between the multisite evaluation and the evaluations conducted by individual sites?
  5. How can I coordinate multisite and site-level evaluations?
  6. How can I make sure that evaluation findings are used to guide decisionmaking at both the Federal and site levels?
  7. What can I do to help sites meet the challenges of evaluating a CCI?
  8. What strategies will help me work on evaluation with tribal and rural communities?