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Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Improving the lives of youth and families through systems change, a toolkit for federal managers
How the toolkit was created What is a CCI? CCI Tools for Federal Staff
Develop your CCI Project
Guidelines to structure TA
  1. Begin to plan TA as you conceptualize the initiative and develop the solicitation.
  2. Begin the provision of TA with a comprehensive assessment so that services can be tailored to the unique needs of each site.
  3. Be prepared to offer sites many types of TA and help them develop a flexible learning plan.
  4. Offer TA to support sites as they take steps toward systems change.
  5. Make available a diverse pool of providers so that sites can draw on expertise and experience suited to their unique needs.
  6. Encourage sites to take the initiative in seeking out TA, but stay closely involved to make certain TA needs are identified and met.