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Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Improving the lives of youth and families through systems change, a toolkit for federal managers
How the toolkit was created What is a CCI? CCI Tools for Federal Staff
Learn the Basics
When a CCI makes sense
It makes sense to develop a CCI when…
  • The community outcomes you want can't be achieved by a single organization or agency.
  • Structural barriers stand in the way of reaching the outcomes you want--for example, laws, public policies, or organizational mandates.
  • The resources needed to achieve the outcomes are too varied or extensive to come from just one agency or organization, and may even require contributions from the private sector.
  • Rivalries and turf battles among agencies and organizations are getting in the way of service delivery to youth and families.
  • Services for youth and families are developed without their participation.
  • Funding is scarce, and you need to make every dollar count by getting stakeholders to work together efficiently.
  • Research into the problem you want to address points to evidence-based practices that require the collaboration of professionals from many disciplines.