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Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Improving the lives of youth and families through systems change, a toolkit for federal managers
How the toolkit was created What is a CCI? CCI Tools for Federal Staff
How this toolkit can help you
This toolkit is designed for federal staff who work with Comprehensive Community Initiatives (CCIs), known also as Community Change Initiatives. The information it contains will also be valuable to technical-assistance providers, evaluators, private funders, and community groups.

The toolkit will help you educate yourself about CCIs, and learn from the experience of federal and private funders about what it takes to plan, manage, and sustain a CCI Project.

In the toolkit you'll find -
  • Guidelines culled from discussions with CCI funders, site managers, TA providers, and evaluators
  • Answers to key questions asked by federal staff
  • Tools and resources recommended by professionals experienced with CCIs
  • Checklists you can print out to use during planning.

You can draw on this information to -
  • Write solicitations for CCI projects
  • Plan a budget for a CCI project
  • Select and orient CCI project sites
  • Develop and fund systems for technical assistance to CCI project sites
  • Create appropriate evaluations for CCI projects
  • Adapt tools that others have found useful in developing CCI projects and supporting CCI project sites
  • Structure and nurture funding partnerships in support of CCI projects
  • Increase the number of CCI project sites that achieve successful outcomes
  • Increase the number of CCI project sites that successfully transition from federal funding to self-support.

Note that a "Comprehensive Community Initiative" takes place within a single community, state, or region. It may or may not be part of a multi-site effort. We use the phrase "CCI Project" to refer to a larger effort that comprises multiple CCIs (also referred to as "project sites" or "sites.") Usually a CCI Project is designed and funded by the federal government or a private foundation.